D.T.P. by Lee -- Daily Tales and Punditry

D.T.P. by Lee v1.0 (circa 1998)

A look back at the earliest incarnation of this web site
when the domain first went live with links to desktop publishing
and web authoring resources, plus many other link categories.

• • •

D.T.P. by Lee v2.0 (circa 2001)

The second generation of D.T.P. by Lee, featuring the same
(but somewhat updated) clearinghouse of external links,
now with a meticulously coded, single-pixel-GIF-heavy design,
intended to simulate the appearance of a untrimmed commercial press sheet,
complete with calibration bars, registration targets, and crop marks.

• • •

D.T.P. by Lee v3.5 (circa 2003-2004)

Here’s where you’ll find my now-retired weblog. Why version 3.5?
Version 3.0 was the Blosxom-powered blog, prior to converting to Movable Type.
Sadly, the Blosxom version is completely gone with no archive.
All the posts in Blosxom were converted to Movable Type,
and I have no snapshot of the site when it used Blosxom.
I then progressed to Second Initial, but it, too, is now retired.
Head over to ALBj.net for my current blogging activities.

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Photo Albums

A glimpse at the world through the lens of my camera, at least up until 2010.
It was all moved over to Flickr, and a custom front end web site
was created for simpler browsing. (The old album link above
redirects to the new site at photos.ALBj.net)